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Tejano Queen… Ramblings of a 90’s Baby

It’s been quite a while since I have wrote something but knowing today is the first of this month well I have to tell you that I have the most thing that have been I have remember is the tragic death of the Tejano singer Selena. Yes, the last couple of days I have been jamming to her music why? well whenever I’m under stress or even in a gloomy mood she is probably the one that brightens my day with her music, and he charisma. I have been wanting to see the film like no joke because I want to see it so hopefully I can get the film in my hands around this time hopefully. I still remember the one time that my family bought a similar piece of cloth that she wore in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in the last presentation she did in 95’. Believe I still remember when I used to wear it though mine was a green color and believe been a girl you can just start jamming to her music like she used to say “me canta asi me canta aqui”ha. But to this day I think I can say she is probably one my idols that I can really relate in some way since she is Mexican-American and she try to embrace both cultures to have become the person she became. I always tell my mom about her music and she reminds of her because they both were born the same year so I know that it has been a long time since she has been gone and knowing that she would be the same age as my mother makes me think that time flies. I know that her family would have been so proud of her with all her accomplishments she would have made. This also has also open doors to many other latino singers that have crossover into the English mainstream and broke into talents like JLO. I think without the events that happen none of this would have been accomplished though she left early she made her mark into all the young girls and the population.


so to many things have been going on in life throughout now since the beginning of this year. I had a rough start right now and recently is becoming harder sometimes its just gets complicated. One of the pet peeves that I found recently was the fact that I have sometimes put my happiness in hold and make some people happy. well in recently I think I have learn my lesson with something that had happen to me yesterday. the majority of days when I go to work i happen to make some people happy and some well its just impossible but if i making a room for you to have time with you …embrace it. why? well let me say it this way i hate it k me tomen el pelo like my mom says it. its true…. specially a guy like for real guys like if someone is doing something nice not just be like oh im sorry i forgot …mangos like my mom said… i totally learned from this nonsense pero eso si when he feels like it he calls me and is like oh vamos a comer it pisses me off to all the single ladies out there please please don’t let a guy fool specially when he feels like it sometimes i think i should just give him a cold shoulder sorry .

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